About East Greenland

East Greenland is one of the most isolated habitations in the world. Along the more than 20.000 kilometres of coastline you’ll only encounter two towns and 5 small settlements divided in 2 regions, inhabited by no more than 3.500 people. The regions, Ammassalik and Ittoqqortoormiit, are 900 kilometres apart which mean that the climates are very different, with Ittoqqortoormiit being located at 70° North and Ammassalik at 66° North.


The Ammassalik area lies relatively close to the Ice Cap of Greenland with Tasiilaq as the “capital” and 5 nearby settlements. Ammassalik offers great opportunities for adventures of any kind - be it a solitary retreat or tougher activities in the unparalleled beauty of the arctic landscapes.


The Ittoqqortoormiit area has it all; the world’s biggest fjord system, the world’s largest National park, the warmest hot springs in Greenland and Milne Land in the middle of the fjord, standing strong, rich with a variety of life seeking refuge in its colossal walls of vertical peaks.

The remoteness and isolation of East Greenland have always defined our regions as the outposts of civilization. Well, it actually still is. Of course much have changed over the past 100 years, and today we are a part of the world community, but like always - nature has the final word.

There is a natural reason for the very sparse population. East Greenland is situated between the arctic sea ice and the greenlandic icecap, and is only accessible with supply ships 6 months a year.

A mosaic of steep dramatic mountains, countless lakes, waterfalls, streams and rivers; majestic glaciers and fluorescent green valleys. East Greenland radiates a purity, which has overwhelmed and fascinated visitors throughout time.

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