Hiking from Ittoqqortoormiit to Ûnarteq

Ûnarteq is a settlement seven kilometers away from Ittoqqortoormiit. It is possibly to walk directly to Ûnarteq across the ice eight months of the year. You have to hike on land to reach Ûnarteq in July, August, September and October .
If you walk across the ice, it will take you a couple of hours to get to Ûnarteq. It is a good idea to follow the snowscooter and dogsledge track, because the snow condition is better to walk in. But remember to step aside when a sledge comes along!    
If you hike to Ûnarteq over land in the summer season , it will probably take you 5 – 6 hours. You have to pass the telemountain . It is best if you hike in the mountains ; if you hike down by the water edge, you may risk stones sliding down from above. The highest mountain on this route is 270 meters above sealevel. The first part from Ittoqqortoormiit to Ûnarteq involves some hiking in the mountains and you also have to cross a small waterfall. The last part is mostly walking by the shore. 
It is a very good idea to bring either a satellitephone or a cell phone (connection with the cell phone when you have a view to Ittoqqortoomiit, which you have almost all the time). A GPS is also recommended , it is common with very foggy areas, especially near the fjord, so the GPS can help you, so you won’t get lost. It is always important to bring a rifle when you hike, there can be polarbears in the nearby areas both in the winter and summertime. In Ûnarteq you can see tracks from old inuit stonehuts and close to the settlement you will find a small hotspring , which is the warmest in Greenland (62 degrees) . You are welcome to camp in tent in Ûnarteq and the local servicebuilding with shower, toilet & kitchen facilities is free of charge for everyone .       



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