Private accommodation in the settlements

Picture by Simon Gerber

One of Destination East Greenland's main objectives is to help develop sustainable tourist products that have local ownership. This among other things means products that only the local population in Ammassalik district benefit from economically. One of the latest product developments, which have been developed in collaboration with the local population, is private accommodation in the surrounding settlements. Selected Intuit families open their homes to one or two visitors and welcome them to stay with the family. It is a rare opportunity to learn about Inuit culture and their fascinating way of life.

As a visitor you have two options. The first option is to rent just a bed or a room. If you would like to explore the area on your own or if you want to spend the day hiking, but would like a nice warm bed to sleep in at night this is the option to choose.

The second option is to stay with the family for a period of time. This type of stay includes 3 meals a day, accommodation and that you will be included in all the family’s daily activities. It is a chance for you to experience a place in which many Greenlandic traditions are still intact. If the family goes on a social visit, you will go with them. As you are considered a part of the family you will be expected to participate in the various activities such as hunting, fishing etc. However, activities will differ depending on the season:

Winter/spring activities include ice fishing, seal hunting and dog sledding. You will help prepare sealskin and meals.

Summer activities include seal hunting and fishing. You will go with your host family on a two-day camping and fishing trip to a nearby fishing ground.

For more information about spending time in any the settlements contact DEG

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