Ice Fishing

Text: Tina Sørensen
Destination East Greenland


From the middle of December when the ice begins to cover the fjords in Ammassalik is when the ice fishing begins. Close to the town and the settlements at first, but as the snow makes the valleys and mountain passes accessible to dog sleds, ice fishing is done in fjords further away as well.

In the fjord on the east side of Ammassalik Island, near the abandoned settlement Quernertivartivit, is a great fishing area for halibut, redfish, catfish and shark. Every year this area attracts many local hunters. The fjord is a hunting and fishing area, and skidoos are not allowed in this area. The best months for ice fishing are March and April.

It is now possible to book one-day trips or camping trips that last a couple of days to the following area. The map will be uploaded asap.

With Tasiilaq as its point of departure the trip is approximately 30 kilometers. It takes about 4 hours by dogsled which in itself is a wonderful experience. From the frozen fjord by Tasiilaq it is an 18 kilometers ride north to the middle of the island, where one change direction and turn east, whereupon a mountain pass is crossed. Over a stretch of about 2 kilometers the sled will slowly clime its way to the mountain pass which is located in an altitude of 1300 feet. The trip is in no way dangerous, and most people in an average physical condition would be able to handle it.

At the top, just before running down the glassier, one has the most incredible view of the fishing area and towards the Kulusuk Islands. This is the perfect place to stop and take a few memorable pictures. The glassier that is crossed is not active, and therefore there is no reason to fear cracks or crevices. Get comfortable on the dogsled and be prepared for a beautiful trip down to the fjord. Once the dogsled reaches the fjord, it is still another half hour before arriving at the fishing ground.

One-day trip: Departs Tasiilaq at 6 a.m. Arrive in Tasiilaq at approximately 6 p.m. Price 2.000 DKK including food. Price for two people 2.800 DKK

Two-day camping trip: Departs Tasiilaq at 9 a.m. Arrive in Tasiilaq the next day at 6 p.m. Price 3.000 DKK Price for two people: 4.000 DKK




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