Siggi Tours

Sigurdur Petturson, also know as “Siggy”, is an Icelander who resides in Kuummiut. He has lived in the settlement since 1998 and offers different types of accommodation, various tours and shiptransportation


Siggy has a house in Kummiut which has been renovated recently and now is rented out to tourists and travellers. It is a small but fully equipped house that can accommodate 4 people. The house has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and an earth closet.

Private accommodation is also available in Siggy’s own house with or without full board. He has room for two people.


• Fishing trips
• Fishing and hunting trips
• Transportation to the settlements or other destinations

Language: Icelandic, Danish and English

Contact info:

Siggi Petturson
Phone: +299 984031




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