Text: Anders Stenbakken
Destination East Greenland

: The beautiful glacierfiord
Population (010104): 212
Sermiligaaq Map   Ammassalik's Settlementshere

Sermiligaaq is found approximately 100 kilometres northeast of Tasiilaq, in the beautiful Sermiligâq Fjord. The small colourful wooden houses are located on the southern part of a large peninsula on the main land of East Greenland.

Sermiligaaq is an active and well functioning fishing and hunting settlement. The waters around the settlement are habitat for Halibut and Redfish. The catch is sold to the fishing plant in Kuummiut. Besides fishing four kinds of seals are hunted along with narwhales and polar bears.

In the bottom of the large fjord you’ll find two large and active glaciers: “Knud Rasmussen Glacier” and  “Kârale Glacier”. From Sermiligaaq it’s a 20 kilometres hike to the glacier system.

The water in the Sermiligâq Fjord is coloured by sediments from the glacier activities, giving the fjord a characteristic milky blue colour.

Because of the stunning beauty of the Sermiligâq Fjord several kayak tour operators visit the area every summer. 

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In the Ikateq Fjord connecting Sermiligaaq and Kuummiut you’ll find the abandoned American airbase, founded shortly after World War II. When the Airport was moved to Kulusuk everything was left behind, and despite the fact that a lot of  “souvenirs” have been collected in the past years, the place is still worth a visit.







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