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Destination East Greenland

Kuummiut Map   Ammassalik's Settlements here
Meaning: People of the river.

Kuummiut, the largest settlement in Ammassalik, is located 60 kilometres northeast of Tasiilaq, deep in the Ammassalik Fjord at the crossing of 3 fjords. From the settlement you have a breathtaking view down the fjord onto Denmark’s Strait.

Kuummiut was established as a mission station in 1915.
The famous East Greenlandic artist and teacher Karale Andreassen was born in Kuummiut in 1890, as the son of the Inuit’s spiritual leader, the Shaman Mitsivarniánga. (Some of Karale’s many drawings can been seen as illustrations for the article on Inuit Religion on this website)
When the population of the now abandoned settlement Skjoldungen moved to Kuummiut in 1965 the population increased with 100 people all of a sudden.
Hunting and fishing is the main income. Kuummiut has the only  fishing factory in the district.
Every year in early summer May/June the Ammassat arrives in huge shoals to the spawning grounds near Kuummiut. The small fish is caught in nets from boats or the beach. 

Kuummiut is an ideal starting point for trekking and kayak tours. The mountains are higher and steeper in this area, reaching 2000m. East Greenland is famed for its spectacular mountains and here you will get a glimpse of some of the majestic peaks.

Trekking trips for several days to a few weeks can be planned, according to your schedule and experience. A combination with local boat transfer will enable groups with less experience or shorter schedules to enjoy the highlights.
For those interested in higher peaks, the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut near the Karale Glacier is a good base for exploring peaks and glaciers. The hut (which opens in April) is located approximately 40 kilometres north of Kuummiut at the altitude of 700 metres. Room for 8 –10 tourist. The hut is fully equipped. You’ll have to book the hut in advance at Nansen Adventures. 
In Kuummiut you’ll also find a local outfitter. See separate page.






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