Ammassalik District

The following pages in this section about Ammassalik District are meant as a database with always-updated service and good to know information’s about Tasiilaq and the settlements.

The Ammassalik district covers an enormous area, and is sparsely populated.  Ice-free land taken into account the municipality is the largest in Greenland and covers an area of 243.000 km2, or 5 times the size of Denmark.

Beside the town, Tasiilaq - where the regional administration is located – are 5 settlements in Ammassalik: Kulusuk, Sermiligaaq, Kuummiut, Tiniteqilaaq and Isortoq.

The 1st of June 2008  the municipality had a total of 3.045 citizens, 1.908 in Tasiilaq and 1.137 in the 5 settlements.

The Municipal Council (based in Nuuk) consists of 19 politicians elected for a 4-year period.

Ammassalik has four representatives at the municipal council:

Andersine Hansen Kristiansen (Siumut)
Gert Ignatiussen (Atasut)
Harald Bianco (Inuit Ataqatigiit)
Justus Hansen (Demokraterne)

Ammassalik has 2 politicians elected for the Greenlandic Parliament.
Harald Bianco (Inuit Ataqatigiit)
Justus Hansen (Demokraterne)


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