Nerlerit Inaat 

Where the geese go 

45 km north east of Ittoqqortoormiit in the middle of nowhere lies one of Greenland’s most isolated public airports: “Mittarfik Nerlerit Inaat” or Constable Point Airport.

Constable Point was established back in 1985 by the American oil company ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) in connection with the large oil exploration done in Jameson Land. Whether oil was ever found in Jameson Land or not remains a well kept secret, but anyway, ARCO left Northeast Greenland in 1990 and sold the airport to “Mittarfeqarfiit”, which is the Greenlandic civil aviation administration.

Since 1990 Constable Point has been run as a commercial airport, with flight routes to Kulusuk 800 km to the south and to Reykjavik in Iceland and with two flights per week in order to service the citizens of Ittoqqortoormiit.

Constable Point is a place of work and a home for 10-15 people, who have chosen to live and work isolated from the world in an arctic and at times rough climate.

Constable Point consists of one H-shaped building, 5 hangars and a guest house. The “H” building contains living quarters for the personnel, kitchen/dining area, office and a tower. The guest house goes by the name “Hilton” and was the first building to be completed by ARCO in 1985. At the “Hilton” one can for a modest amount spend the night in a bunk bed and with access to toilet and bathing facility. A cheap lunch or dinner can also be ordered and the cook can fix a lunch box if needed. Breakfast is included in the price for the room.

The area around Constable Point is very interesting historically and geologically, since scientists have found fossils dating back 250 million years. The fossils are from both dinosaurs and trees. Who would have guessed that Greenland once was home to palm trees.

It is also noticeable that the “Harris Mountain” right next to the landing strip is made up from the same stone layers, as where oil is retrieved from the Norwegian sector in the North Sea.

More and more scientists visit Constable Point each summer to explore the riches offered by the nature here. Also more and more tourists use Constable Point as a base for their trips into the wild, where there are many possibilities for hiking, fishing and skiing. The fauna is rich here, so we can offer experiences with both the white and the blue polar fox, polar hares, musk ox, seals and on rare occasions polar bears. The Greenland falcon, the raven, the polar grouse and snow sparrow are all well represented in the area.

From the summer of 2004 Danish Polar Centre has chosen to move their base from Mestersvig one hours flight to the north down to Constable Point, so that almost all activities in the National Park comes through Constable Point Airport. We now humbly call ourselves “The gateway to the National Park”.

At Constable Point we can also offer a nice tent area, where you can still use the facilities in the “hotel”.

We live far from everything, but not too far for visits by the Danish Royal Family.

If you desire a trip into the wild on your own, then please contact us for more information.

For guided tours please contact NANU Travel at tel. 00299 99 12 80 or visit their website

For special helicopter rides please contact Air Alpha at tel. 00299 94 34 00.

Best regards

Klaus Bruus Jensen

Former Airport Chief

Constable Point Airport

3985 Constable Point

Tel. 00299 99 38 00

Fax 00299 99 39 51




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