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a helping hand to polar research

DPC is a knowledge and service center for scientists and institutions dealing with polar research and arctic matters, for Danish authorities, and for the Danish public in general. The center is situated under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and it was established on 1 January 1989.The center is organised in 3 branches: research facilitation, logistics and information services and is secretariat for the Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland (KVUG). DPC runs a polar library, photo collection, an archive and houses secretariats for various institutions. The center co-operates with the Greenland Home Rule about science facilitation and disseminations of scientific information. The center resides in the restored cooper's workshop on the former Greenland Trade Pier in Copenhagen together with the Department of Eskimology and Arctic Studies and Arctic Institute. Logistics and field stations

Research in Greenland is resource demanding. It is expensive to travel to e.g. North Greenland, and it is difficult to get around in isolated, uninhabited and hardly negotiable areas. DPC organizes, from year to year, logistics platforms for research projects in selected regions of Greenland. These platforms optimise the economic advantages by coordinating the logistic needs from all actors in a certain geographical region during the summer field season. In this way opportunities arise for small projects with highly sensitive budgets to partake in field campaigns that they could otherwise not be a part of. During recent summers logistics platforms have covered Northwest as well as Northeast Greenland. DPC operates its own field station, Zackenberg, at 7530'N in Northeast Greenland. The station staff takes care of all work relating to  planning of travel, accommodation and provision during scientists stay, and they operate and develop the station to fulfil the needs of researchers in the field. Since the start in 1995, the average overnights at the station has been 1500-2000 per summer. Zackenberg station has established a mutual agreement with the researchers' hotel, KISS, at Kangerlussuaq (West Greenland), the Sermilik field station (Southeast Greenland), the Arctic Station (Qeqertarsuaq, West Greenland) and the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Nuuk, West Greenland) on e.g. shared marketing, shared representation in pertinent international networks and a shared committment in knowledge building in Greenland.During the summer fields season DPC has logisticians deployed at Constable Pynt, Northeast Greenland, to operate an aircraft traffic hub as the gateway to the National Park in North and East Greenland for research projects, tourist expeditions and others who need to travel to, within and from this vast region.'Danish Polar Center has an online expedition planning support available on their homepage. You can consult this homepage for advices relating to planning of expeditions in Greenland, for deadlines on different relevant applications and for online download of relevant application forms.

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