Zackenberg Station

In 1997 the ecosystem research and monitoring facility at Zackenberg, located at Young Sund 25 km to the north-west of Daneborg, was officially opened. A branch facility is situated at Daneborg in the former meteorological station. Zackenberg is owned by Danish Polar Center and the Daneborg facility is operated by Danish Polar Center based on an agreement with the Danish Defence Command. In addition to individual research projects and programmes a comprehensive environmental monitoring is operating at Zackenberg. The station is available for use all year, pending special arrangement, but currently it is open and staffed for a 100-day period from late May to early September.

Unique features

Zackenberg Station offers the following qualities:
* A High Arctic study area with high flora, fauna and landscape diversity
* Integrated long term biotic and abiotic ecosystem monitoring
* Drainage basin monitoring
* Easy access to paleo-environment archives
* Proximity to the Greenland Sea density driven water pump (The Great Conveyer Belt)
* A salt marsh area of regional importance to birds
* Thematic, digital 3D terrain model of study area
* All logistics handled as individual package solutions for researchers

Zackenberg Station is situated at 7430'N/2030'W on the north side of Young Sund - Tyrolerfjord in Northeast Greenland

Ownership and history
Zackenberg Station is owned and operated by Danish Polar Center. The operation of the station takes place within the framework ZERO (Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations), encompassing all issues dealing with ecosystem science, monitoring and logistics. The erection of Zackenberg Station was initiated in 1995 and the station was officially opened in August 1997.

Field season
Zackenberg Station is open for scientists year round. The high season for fieldwork is, however, concentrated in the spring-fall period, i.e. 1 June - 1 September.

Further information
Information on Zackenberg and Daneborg facilities is available on-line in the ZERO Sites Manual. Booking is also on-line. For further information please contact the Station Manager Dr. Morten Rasch, Danish Polar Center, Strandgade 100H, DK 1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark, Phone: +45 32880100, Fax: +45 32880101, E-mail:
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