Tunu nunaanngilaq - nujuartuuvorli

East Greenland is not scenery – it’s savagery

East Greenland is one of the most isolated habitations in the world. Along the more than 20.000 kilometres of coastline you’ll only encounter two towns and 5 small settlements, inhabited by no more than 3,500 people. There is a natural reason for this very sparse settlement: East Greenland is situated between the polar sea ice and the Greenlandic Icecap, and is only accessible with supply ships 6 months a year. An awesome wilderness of more than 1,457,000 km².  including the world's largest national park.

Coming to Ammassalik you enter the very heart of East Greenland’s exceptional beauty, and one of the most beautiful and unspoiled arctic areas in the world. The awesome landscape has no parallel in the entire arctic. A mosaic of steep, dramatic mountains, countless lakes, streams and rivers, waterfalls, glaciers and green valleys. Ammassalik radiates a purity, which has overwhelmed and fascinated visitors throughout time.

The remoteness and isolation of Ammassalik have always defined our district as one of the outposts of civilization. Well, it actually still is. Of course much has changed over the passed 100 years, and today we're part of the world community; but like always nature is having the final word.

Outside the city of Tasiilaq and the five settlements you'll only find very few signs of people living here, though the Inuit have been here for centuries. Due to the climate and landscape there is no infrastructure outside Tasiilaq and the settlements. In the wintertime the local transportation is by helicopter, skidoos and dogsleds. In the summertime it's by speedboats and helicopter.

Being just south of the Polar Circle, you’ll find the climate in Ammassalik surprisingly comfortable. Summers are generally warm and dry. Winters are relatively mild with lots of snow. Summer days are long with just a few hours of dusk. Winter days are short, and the perfect time for experiencing the Northern Lights.

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Pia Anning Nielsen
Destination East Greenland




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